Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sometimes I need to ignore what they say

Next Tuesday I have an appointment with my pain doctor. I have been hoping he will deem me okay for another cortisone injection in my left hip - so I can walk with less pain. I have already had numerous injections in different areas. Sometimes just one injection works but other times it takes 2 or 3 in a specific area. If they don't work, we get to move on to the wonderful radiofrequency denervation which is NOT fun but is supposed to kill nerves. I have mixed feelings on this so far but I like the cortisone injections. They have done well for me so far.

Then they come up with the theory that cortisone injections aren't as good as they thought they were - they have only been used since the 1940's so you think they would have had long enough to figure this out so far.

I was concerned when I read the article headline that they might make things worse, not better. Then I decided that this is not meant for people like me - they are referring to injury caused inflammation like tennis elbow where the injury will heal up if left to itself. My case is different. My pain causes are not injuries that might heal. They are unhappy nerves being squished some place along the way because the degenerating disks in my spine are no longer holding up their share causing squishing of nerves (another technical term). So obviously they aren't talking about me so I will happily go beg for an injection next week.

Three additional comments on my back pain: With each treatment, they are hoping to resolve the pain in that area for at least a year so they don't have to go back and treat it again. Sometimes it takes two or three treatments to get it to a level where it is stable for a year or more.

Also, when each area is treated, they need to wait six weeks to see the result and let the area recover from the injection and see if it has the expected result or needs additional treatment.

Finally, as each area is treated, more areas of pain seem to surface. So I am supplying a never ending source of pain to be treated. How lovely.

Now gimme the damn shot!

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