Monday, February 20, 2012

How's your medical rollercoaster doing?

Mine is fine - that's all I'm going to say about it now. The roller coaster ranges from the relatively flat start before it heads for the first big hill - the height of each hill is determined by the length of time to get to the top - years and years of problem free health. The steepness of the climb is determined by the level anxiety reached through multiple ailments and tests. Then when the top is finally reached the pitch and length are determined by the prognosis of your health.  If its cancer, do you end up lower than where you started? If its a minor ailment you might go down hill for a little bit and then stay basically level before climbing up another hill.

On the medical roller coaster you never know when the next hill will start and how steep and tall it will be, never mind the ride down off the top. The goals on the roller coaster are not to have too many big hills and not to turn into a hypochondriac on the way where every little twinge is about to send you flying over the edge to another downward spiral.

Cancer sticks you on the roller coaster for life. You don't get to get off. Nor do you get to stay on the low level with a few small bumps here and there.

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