Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thoughts on blogging

Now that I have been in the blogging business for nearly five years, it is time to sit back and moment and think for a bit. When I started blogging it was to keep people informed of my medical adventures with breast cancer so I wouldn't get all those phone calls and go through the latest tidbits from my most recent 'episode' and then possibly get asked questions that I might not be ready to answer.  But my friends and family didn't really become blog readers.Well there are a few that read my blog regularly and fewer now. (They don't follow directions very well I guess.)

So I got through breast cancer treatment and I was supposed to be a healthy person again living in 'my new normal' whatever that was and then supposedly I would stop blogging, go back to work full time, and blah, blah, blah. But we all know that's not how life works, that being a healthy person thing didn't really start up again. First I had gall stones and then my gall bladder out. Then my back started to hurt. Some where in there I sprained my ankle, got tennis elbow, and fell on my knee, the bursitis in my hip never really went away -in fact its doing quite 'well' from its point of view. I went on a few million more doctor appointments and kept blogging.

And my audience kept growing. I really don't know who all you people are who read my blog. I know there are readers as Google Analytics don't lie. I can say hi to Mary in France who is one person I know who has read my blog almost daily since its start. I can say hi to Robin in Cambridge who I think is a fairly regular reader, except when she is off on one of her vacations - a perk of retirement. My mother used to read my blog often but has switched to following me on Facebook. My sister in law reads it from time to time and then tells my brother when he needs to read it - but he sometimes just calls me instead. Leah reads it sometimes as well. I have a relatively new but fairly regular reader from CTCA. A few other people I know from elsewhere tell me sometimes they did read my blog for the first time in a while.

But who the hell are all the rest of  you? I have no idea. But thank you. I like all of you. Well most of you. The people who leave me information on the cures for cancer if I just visit their website, you can skip my blog, thanks.

Blogging has taken a life of its own. If I didn't blog every morning, what would I do instead? I have no idea at this point.


Laura said...

Thanks for the shoutout!
-Laura, CTCA

Anonymous said...

I never miss a day! Even while basking in the morning sun in Puerto Rico, where I saw several frolicking whales last week! You present thoughtful and cogent comments on current medical news, and I really enjoy reading this daily. Also, I shared this site with a friend, newly diagnosed with BC two years ago, to help her prepare for the long medical journey. She truly appreciated reading the original posts to get a sense of the treatment ups and downs. Congratulations on five years of blogging! -- All the best, Robin of Cambridge

Jim's Girl said...

I've been enjoying your blog for the last couple of months, since I started my own, Kate's Breast Cancer Awareness Blog.

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