Thursday, February 16, 2012

Negativity online

I can't claim that I have never been negative online but I think there is too much negativity and it doesn't need to be mean. When I write about someone or something I do not swear (the only thing I swear about is my health) nor do I mean to write rants and diatribes that go on and on. I write my blog assuming my mother is reading it (she does) and write not to offend but to provide an opinion. However if you look around, it is not hard to find obscenity laced websites promoting a negative point of view.

Any business these days will have an 'anti' site. Google people against Walmart, Target, Bank of America, etc and you will probably find several sites dedicated to people who are mad at the business. That is fine. I am all for people expressing their opinion and uniting against the new bank fee or whatever. But it can be done politely.

I belong to about a million email lists, websites, message boards, etc. The one thing that turns me off is swearing. An occasional f-bomb or other four letter words do not bother me - as long as they are few and far between. If someone has seemingly forgotten there are other words in the English language, I promptly stop reading. Or if all someone writes about is anti-something, I often get turned off as well. I read a blog that has some pretty firm opinions against an organization, that is fine. But when they post more than ten times in one day, I stop reading.

Can I just politely ask that people be a little nicer online? And occasional apologies for offending someone aren't out of the question either.

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