Saturday, April 27, 2013

I do have a healthy body part

Yesterday was a relatively normal day in my life. I went to Costco, went for a walk, and then got my nails done. Aren't I exciting?

Later at the salon they had a special client appreciation event where they did hair treatments, make up, had a pop up store for consignment clothes, food, awesome fruit punch (with a bottle of Absolut on the side but I did not partake).

While I was getting my nails done, they were setting up the popup store - note to the woman in a blue dress: while your dress may be vintage and pretty, it was not appropriate for setting up racks (we did see your underwear THREE TIMES) and I believe it (the dress  not the underwear) was on backwards. It was loud and ended up being fun.

Then I got my make up done. I will probably go back and buy some of it because it stayed on, was not uncomfortable, and made me look better. Or maybe I should just start wearing the make up I already own.

But then I got to the good part where they found a healthy body part. My last visit was to get a conditioning hair treatment. One woman was designated as the technician who would do the treatment but another woman figured out which level of treatment my hair needed. Both of them said 'oh her hair is wonderful, its so healthy', I was over joyed as it means I have a healthy body part. Then another woman had to feel my hair and another. They all thought I had the healthiest hair and talked about it as if I wasn't there.

The woman featuring the hair product line they were promoting, thought my hair was so wonderful as well it barely needed any treatment.

I was happy. I left with my nails done. I was wearing natural make up so I looked good. And I had the softest, healthiest hair in town. So I have a healthy body part.

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