Thursday, April 18, 2013

This has been a bad week

This has not been a good week for me and a lot of other people. First off all, the marathon bombing on Monday turned lives upside down. And it seems to be the only thing on network television these days. All my regular shows I record so I don't have to stay up late, have been superseded by more news coverage showing the same things over and over again.

I have a very busy schedule this week. I had a meeting after work Tuesday that went relatively well. I met with my boss at the job I am leaving to talk about transition and was pleasantly surprised to find out they have two replacements for me - which is good for them and makes it easier for me to train people instead of leaving lots of notes.

Yesterday I went to work where there has been a fair amount of stress going on as well. Also, I was out last week so we can just say I have piles of things to do. Then I had an appointment with the nurse practitioner in rheumatology. I had hoped for a quick appointment and a quick trip to the gym before getting my hair cut.

Instead I had a 45 minute wait to see the nurse practitioner - stuck in a waiting room with a giant flat screen tv focused on the bombings and then the federal court house had a scare and was evacuated so all the newscasters could do was conjecture about what was going on and patients and medical staff, kept asking questions. I could not ignore it.

Finally I met with the nurse practitioner and we talked about my tiny medical history before the bad news started. Methatrexate is not working well for me. I can't take the biologics that are TNFs - tumor necrosing factors. This means I will never be able to Humira, Enbrel, and that whole class of drugs.

There are still options available for me that are not the big names but they all involve needles. I have a real problem with needles. My husband said he would help. We will go meet with a nurse and get instructions at some point. (And then he told me last night he didn't really like needles either - I don't think he has a choice in this because I am not sure I can give myself injections.) But that will be next week and I am not worrying about it today.

The one advantage to injecting methotrexate instead of taking it orally is that it is easier on your digestive system. This is good because last night after taking my pills, including my weekly dose of methotrexate, my stomach turned into a giant knot and caused a lot of pain. So I ended my crappy day in the bathroom in a lot of pain.

I just have to get through today and then tomorrow I am going to play hooky with a friend. I need a day off.

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Anonymous said...

My hubby is also very adverse to needles, but he was able to summon his courage and give me those blood thinner shots after my surgeries. Sometimes it is amazing what you can do for some one you love. I hope that between the two of you this becomes manageable, and that it is a course that works.

Lois K

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