Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I was unenlightened

I broke down and called my rheumatologist's office yesterday about the bump on my arm (not on a log). The problem was who to talk to.

The nurse practitioner I saw a couple of weeks ago is on vacation.

The rheumatologist I saw first left and I have not yet met with my new rheumatologist

I ended up talking to the physician's assistant who has never met me. We will meet on Thursday afternoon.

He did tell me it sounds like a rheumatoid nodule - I said that I am rheumatoid factor negative and statistics say I should not be getting nodules. But I did switch to injectable methotrexate which could be what caused it so I might need to switch medications. But with my medical history I can't take a lot of them.

He did also say it could be a ganglion cyst which could be drained or removed. Oh but since its my lymphedema arm there may not be any treatment options for me.

Which means I  may be SOL. Crap.

I am focusing on this because I am ignoring next week's assorted tests that I would prefer not to think about.

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