Saturday, May 11, 2013

Living without a phone

Due to a range of circumstances I am phoneless for the next few days. My husband is convinced I will go crazy. I am sure I will be fine.

I was an early cell phone resistor and didn't get one until the spring of 2002 when I was job hunting. I have found it useful but not required in life. I am capable of going off for a day without my phone - unless I am traveling long distance and need to be in communication with others.

I do not feel the need for instant communication that so many others do. I am happy to be by myself and not have to talk to anyone who is not with me. Or text. Or email.

It allows me to take the escape to the outdoors to the next level where not only do I not have to check my phone, no one can call, email, text or tweet with something as well. Especially no doctor can attempt to contact me either.

The way I figure it. There are always old fashioned ways of finding people. Leave messages and they get back to you. If its that important you can find another way to get through. If its really important it will be on the news.

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