Thursday, May 9, 2013

You cant tell other people how to feel

You can't tell someone else how to feel about anything, especially about a cancer diagnosis. In this morning's Ask Amy column and woman writes in about how her mother seems to be upset and feels that she is dying. The writer was treated for cancer and is currently fine. The mother is symptomatic of cancer, not yet diagnosed and thinks she is going to die, taking a woe is me attitude.

The writer is concerned that her mother's attitude is so bad and that she needs to change it.

Hello! Her mother isn't feeling well. She is symptomatic of something, may be not even cancer, but clearly not feeling well.

I think that the writer (daughter) needs to take a step back here and let her mother cope and more importantly get her to a doctor asap.

It might or might not be cancer so she is sitting in this state of limbo trying to figure out what is going on with her life. The waiting, I know personally, is awful. The daughter is trying to make her mother feel something she is not. Back off.

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