Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A long weekend

We were supposed to go camping this weekend but didn't due to the weather so we had an unexpected few days at home. If anyone cares to think we are wimps I would like to state that it was snowing about five miles from the campground we were going to on Saturday.

We didn't go outside much because it has been cold, rainy, and raw but did make it into Boston to go the museum on Saturday. Sunday we cleaned out the basement some more - there is always more on that project. Yesterday we finally were able to grill outside. And my husband mowed the lawn.

One thing I have enjoyed is that I finally got caught up on my rest. Not just sleep but rest. During the week when I  have to get up three days in a row (which you may think is an easy week), I am struggling by the third day and really need more rest.

I could have gone off for the whole day yesterday and done fun things but am concerned that I will not make it through the next three days of work if I did. I needed another easy day at home. My plan was early dinner on the grill outside and then early to bed. That part worked. Then I woke up at 10, 1130, 2, 330 and 430 so I don't feel very rested. Today I will work and go to the gym after a bone density test and then I will go to bed early. I need the rest.

The cat is very miffed that his breakfast has been late for four days in a row. I'm not.

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