Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Over committed again

I am over committed again these days. Combined with a lot of back pain, it is not a lot of fun. We spent the weekend away (without a cell phone and survived) but that cut in to my work time.

I am working my one job, winding down my other job but do not have enough time to get everything finished and I have deadlines. I am also starting to do a little more volunteer work, and tomorrow is an annual event where I have to be there at 6 am - but  its only ten minutes from home. I usually stay the whole day but this year they are going to be lucky to have me until lunch. Between back pain and other things I need to do, I am a little short on time and abilities.

Yesterday afternoon I spent was in a good deal of pain even though I took my pills. Silly me, I thought I could go for a walk after working for six hours.

Let's see how I do today. I bet I'll be on my way home by noon.

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