Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Crazy Day

This morning I am up early and need to get out the door in the next ten minutes (but of course I stop to blog first). I am volunteering at the annual New England Direct Marketing Association's conference where I take care of the vendors and  help get them organized. Everyone else there hates dealing with the vendors because they ask so many questions but I have fun with it. But it will be a long day. Within an hour, I will be trying not to move tables around or climb under them to local  plugs.

My question is how many more years I can keep doing this. For people with a bad back and arthritis it is not the most user friendly day. I have been doing this for several years now as my health has gone downhill. So I am not sure how many more years I will be able to help them.

I then have to finish packing to go to a friend's wedding (you know who you are Judie and Anders). My husband has this crazy idea that I will be done packing in time to go out for a leisurely dinner. That's just nuts. I still haven't gotten my medications organized for four days a way...

I have decided that traveling by myself I will suck it up and pay Delta their extra $25 to check a bag, and really hope they don't lose it. So if I am going to check a bag, I can bring a big bag to fit everything in. I have no idea what dress I'll be wearing so I am bring four dresses (three with tags still on so I have the return option) to choose from once I get there. This means several pairs of shoes depending on the dress. You get it. All this equals the giant suitcase. This just another example of me trying to be a normal person... (You know what happens next - crabbiness.)

But I digress. It will be a crazy day today. I have no idea how much time I will have to pack this afternoon and how much my back will hurt but I have to get going. I am due there in fifteen minutes. I'll bring coffee.

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