Thursday, May 8, 2014

Would I Explode?

I try to be a good patient, but sometimes I wonder if I ditched all my pills, would I explode or something?

The legacy of any cancer patient and anyone with chronic ailments is the pile of pills one must ingest daily. I am so sick of being tied to my pill box that I just wonder, what if I ditched them for a day, or two...? Would I ever go back?

I only take a few million, or so it seems:
  • One thyroid pill - due to thyroid cancer
  • One Femara (AI) to reduce breast cancer recurrence risk
  • Two Lyrica for fibromyalgia
  • One weekly injection for rheumatoid arthritis
  • Two folic acid to reduce side effects from the injection
  • Two leucovorin weekly to reduce side effects from the injection
  • One daily anti-inflammatory due to bad back
  • One weekly pain patch for bad back issues
  • 1.5 anti depressants due to the stress and anxiety caused by all these ailments
Plus, a daily multi vitamin, two fiber pills, two calcium pills, one Vitamin E, two Calcium with D, and the Glucosamine that I have to get more of because I ran out. And my twice daily eye drops for dry eyes (which are probably a side effect of some medication).

Is that enough? I think its way too much.

So I have been wondering, what if I went off my meds? Would I become a news headline? You know the kind that ends with ''....  a family member said they had stopped taking their medication before robbing the bank?"

So my chemobrain/fibro fog allowed me to forget to put on a new pain patch this week which I usually change on Mondays. We'll just say that my pain levels imploded this morning so I had to take another pill to see if I can get it under control as I wait for my pain patch.

I guess I may not explode or implode but I would probably be very uncomfortable... Damn.

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