Friday, May 23, 2014

Changing doctors...

I am not one to doctor shop or doctor hop. But I did make a change to my doctors yesterday. I see a psychologist and psychiatrist for depression and anxiety - how is your brain after all sorts of medical crap.

The PhD had recommended I see an MD a few years ago and she recommended one who was not available. So I went with Dr S instead. I was not impressed. She has no people skills. I stuck with her because I felt that I should give her a fair chance. A few years later I am not impressed still. So I bit the bullet and consulted with the PhD on who to go with. Now I'll be seeing a Nurse Practitioner instead.... I don't really care as long as my meds interactions are monitored closely which is my real problem.

My only real doctor concern these days is that one of them might retire and I will be forced to make a change...


Elizabeth said...

Just reading your blog and finding it informative. I had seen it before last summer but found it again through Kate's blog. I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer in April 2013 and am living with a very high risk of recurrence. My cancer was missed repeatedly on mammograms and so I have started a petition on my blog. I am hoping you could take a look at it and if you are willing share it. I was hoping to make a difference here in British Columbia but am having difficulty getting people to sign it.
Thank you so much,

Elizabeth said...

Sorry that should be