Friday, July 11, 2014

I'm not dead yet

"Bring out your dead"... my favorite Monty Python quote is actually "I'm not dead yet".

Yesterday was my annual physical. And the verdict was "I'm not dead yet". Yes I'm still here. And there doesn't seem to be much new that is significantly wrong with me. (The key word in that statement is 'new'.)

It was nice to talk to my PCP this year. Last year she was on maternity leave so I met with her NP who I also saw this past winter for a bad cold. And who I also saw over the winter and spring when taking my father to his PCP's NP (they share the same NP).

So other than going for cholesterol blood work after fasting sometime in the next month, the hope is that I am good for another 12 months.... But who is counting these days? I don't have another doctor appointment for a week.

I do not have an exciting life these days. I am going to the gym to maintain my 'healthy' body a little longer.

PS And I am still my lofty 5'3.5" tall. I stretched my neck a tiny bit.

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