Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Best Hospitals

US News and World Report just released its annual list of the best hospitals in the US. The hospital I go to is not in the top ten.

And I am not concerned. I mean what is the benefit of going to one of the top 10 hospitals inthe US? My bet is it comes down to two issues:
  • More expensive bills
  • Longer waits for appointments.

I have been told by someone who worked at one of the big name Boston hospitals that unless you are related to a senator, you can expect a long wait to get in to see a doctor. And a recent study of Boston hospitals showed that the big name hospitals offered the highest fees.

With all my medical crap, I am very comfortable with the medical care I receive at Lahey Medical Center which is ten minutes from home.And that recent study of fees in metro Boston put it near the bottom of that list.

My only complaint with the hospital is that I am there too damn often.

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Unknown said...

I haven't seen the study, except the headlines locally about how Mayo is the best. I wonder what the criteria are? Probably what makes it best is that the people who take the steps of travelling from all over to be treated there are more involved in their health, and follow treatment plans better than people who just go to the closest place and kinda do what they are told. If you stay on top of your treatment, you can get top notch care at most places. Just my theory...

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