Thursday, July 24, 2014

The word for the day is "Ow"

On a scale of 1-10, how is my pain today? Probably about a 4, all over my body. With spots of 6-7 in certain areas.

I don't know why but for the past few days my body has be very achy and sore. I have been living on Tramadol again. I hate this. I prefer not to take pills if I don't have to. I mean I do take a lot of pills but prefer not to take any more than needed. And since everything hurts, I need tramadol to survive without rampant crankiness.

And to start my day I have a dentist appointment. This is where they will go in and pick at my teeth with sharp metal objects. Its a new dentist office but not a new dentist. The dentist moved to a new office so we followed her. Apparently the hygienists are very 'good' at cleaning and whip the patients into shape. I can't wait.

This is where I also talk to the dentist about not getting a crown on my root canal until January when we will have dental insurance. Its been a month and it hasn't been a problem so I want to wait. I'm cheap. Actually I just don't want to pay for a crown right now if I can wait and get one through insurance. I already paid for the damn root canal.

To recover from the dentist, I will go to the gym. To recover from the gym, I will go to the grocery store. But not the grocery store which is on strike right now.

First things first, I will go take a tramadol, and then take a shower, and brush my teeth after breakfast.

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Unknown said...

That's okay! Take your time. It's wiser to have insurance to back you up when you finally deal with that root canal, since that's a delicate spot and will entail a lot more strenuous treatments. What matters is you've had your teeth problems settled in ways that wouldn't be such a strain to you financially. People should be able to have access to dental care, for the least amount of cost, for which insurance should be shouldered by an entity or a company, such as the ones they are working for.

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