Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Talking and working out

Yesterday afternoon at the gym, I got to talking to two other women (this is a common occurrence to stop and chat) on the topic of getting into shape/staying in shape while dealing with ailments. One woman is just done with chemotherapy again for chronic recurrent ovarian cancer and is new to the gym. The other woman has osteoarthritis among other problems and has belonged for five years or so.

The woman with ovarian is trying to get back in shape so she can go on a three week vacation to Turkey and Spain. She said it is quite difficult quite understandably to get some muscle tone again. I shared that I had been diagnosed with RA and fibromyalgia since joining the gym plus two cancer diagnoses as well. They both said they were impressed by what I could do in my workout. I said I thought I was in better shape at my diagnosis because I had already been going there regularly.

So the discussion quickly turned to the important of working out before a life changing diagnosis and after the diagnosis. All of us agreed going to the gym was important and helped us greatly. The third woman with osteoarthritis had  had a lot of back pain before working out. Her improved muscle tone had helped her a lot and helped get rid of a lot of pain.

Then the conversation came to the benefits of swimming. All of us agreed we could not be paid enough to swim laps. One woman dog paddles, the other woman had her face pushed in the water by an instructor as a child and never learned to swim. I just hate swimming laps. So all of us agree the gym is  a great way to get in shape but you won't catch us in the pool.

So while talking and working out, I learned a bit about others and how we can all agree on different things.

PS this is a lame post today. I know it.

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