Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Aging or health issues

Today I volunteer at a local conference. I have to be there shortly so need to leave asap (and its 6:13 AM as I write this). Its an annual conference for my professional life. I have volunteered there for several years. Maybe 7, maybe 9? I can't remember any more.

But this will be the last year. Getting up so early is now difficult for me. And being on my feet for a few hours isn't going to work either. Usually I stay for most of the conference but this year, I'll probably head home after the morning keynote speech.

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment as a follow up for a test where I had not so good results. The doctor said some of the issues I experience could just be part of aging. But I have more tests to confirm this.

So my question for myself is aging part of my problems these days or are my limitations due to health issues? I always blame my health issues for any problems I have and not aging. I don't consider myself as old, but I could join AARP at this point. The majority of my health diagnoses have been accompanied by 'you are too young for this'. Maybe my age is catching up to my health.

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