Friday, May 15, 2015

Choosing the advice to follow

I get a lot of advice on how to be healthy. And I find even more in the media. So my problem is which pieces of advice to follow and which to ignore. I finally have made a decision. I will only follow the advice I like.

For example, if advice includes eating more dark chocolate, count me in. But if it says eat more tofu, no way. This morning alone I have seen advice to drink more coffee to protect against breast cancer recurrence, vegetarians should eat more fish to prevent colon cancer, and cereal is a superfood.

I am not a vegetarian but we do eat fish at least once a week. I am drinking coffee as I blog. I did try some instant oatmeal (not something I usually eat) this morning but apparently it had been in the pantry too long and is now in the trash. I am having Icelandic yogurt and a banana instead.

I get so much advice, I feel overwhelmed at times. I get too much advice. Every doctor gives me advice. Friends give me advice. The media gives me advice. I give up. I think I am smart enough to make my own decisions now and will continue to listen to new medical advice but am done trying to follow it all.

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