Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Do I have five hours a week?

Based on new research, I could cut my post menopausal breast cancer risk by exercising five hours each week. Hmmm.... Well I do 3 hours of cardio and then probably another 2 hours of weights and stretching each week. Does that count?

Oh, wait, I already had breast cancer. Does that mean I can stop exercising? Probably not. I am sure there is another bit of research out there that tells me I need to keep exercising.

There is that long term deflabbification project I keep babbling about. Damn.

And why am I so fat if I keep exercising????

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Kathi said...

Caroline, thank you!! I am a physical therapist and I absolutely saw red when I saw the article about that research. I was so beside myself with rage, I could barely respond. I saw it posted in a group for people who've had breast cancer. Really helpful, huh? What I did do by way of comment was to post that recent blog post of mine about the reality of exercising after cancer, as a not-so-subtle tweak at this kind of idiotic blanket recommendation. And by the way, I am totally impressed that you manage to get that much exercise, presumably at your gym for 'dilapidated people.'

The thing I hate about these kinds of articles is that it implies that if you're not up to this kind of exertion, it's your own damn fault if you get breast cancer, because clearly you didn't exercise enough. Or something. I don't know what the heck it means for those of us who've had breast cancer. And by the way, I got that much exercise and more before I was diagnosed. AND I was post-menopausal. So, yeah, really worked, huh?

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