Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Do you know whats in your medical records?

Do you ever look at your medical record? The hospital I go to just switched to a new system with an electronic patient portal. I can now go in and check it regularly. Since its been active for less than six months, its needs some more data but I can still see a lot of information including visit notes from doctors, test results, etc.

In recent years, I would go get printed out copies of test results anytime I wanted. At one point I became obsessed with my blood counts and created a spreadsheet of them and then found all my previous blood tests and now have records going back to 1998. And no, my red blood counts have not recovered since chemo and have remained low.

The other day the Wall Street Journal ran an article about taking charge of your medical records. And it astounds me how few people actually look at their medical records regularly.
This is important people! Medical errors can be fatal. I know I am allergic to benadryl and prednisone so if I have any kind of reaction, I need to make it clear they cannot treatment with either - and both are commonly used to treat reactions. Never mind the fact that I am also allergic to the '-cillins';  penicillin, amoxicillin, etc.

Knowledge is power. If your doctors are not able to electronically access your records, you need to make sure you keep them up to date with all your information including prescriptions, test results, procedures, and other doctor appointments.

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