Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fighting fatigue

These days I go through life fighting fatigue. I never seem to get caught up on my sleep. I prefer not to nap too often so that I can sleep all night. And I have prescription sleep aids to help me sleep through the night - which makes a huge difference.

Every day it seems I get to a point where my body is saying 'sleep' and my mind is saying "don't, you are driving a car" or "You are at work"... You see the problem.

Last night we went out to dinner and then I needed to sleep. Earlier in the day, I fought off fatigue while driving (and didn't fall asleep). A cup of coffee doesn't always help me with the fatigue and I really do not want to drink coffee all day because then I will never sleep at night. But if I am at work, I have resorted to coffee.

Right now I am doing okay. I got about 11.5 hours of sleep and am drinking coffee. But I may nap later.

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