Sunday, August 2, 2015


Yesterday I went to a mini college reunion about 1 1/2 hours away. My husband was supposed to come with me but woke up not feeling well so I went by myself. I do not usually travel much these days by myself because of my health issues and the need for naps and all that.

I drove our 1.5 year old Corolla and took the scenic route because there was a 10 mile back up on the interstate. I ended up driving home, leaving around 830pm. It took about 1/2 an hour to get back to the highway. Once I get on the highway, the road was finally empty and it should have been a quick hour home. I hit the left lane as usual and was able to go a consistent 70 or so, also as usual.

Then this shows up on the dashboard:

I did not have a good feeling. I instantly tried to call my normally-helpful-former-mechanic-turned-mechanical-engineer brother who had the nerve not to answer his phone. Where was he ignoring my calls when I needed him? Then I tried to call, and woke up, my husband for advice. I pulled off at the next exit and there was a Dunkin Donuts right there that was still open. I pulled into their parking lot as I spoke with my husband. He was telling me to check the oil, look at the temperature, and otherwise open the hood and look at the stuff there like I knew what was going on. (I knew it would be dirty and full of strange things.)

My question was why would a nicely running car which was relatively new all of a sudden have a little warning light? Especially 60 miles from home, by myself, at night? My first thought was not to open the hood but instead to open the owners manual. There I find the answer to my stress - basically it was due for service. As it didn't say MAINT REQ'D SOON I was off the hook.

My husband was happy to go back to sleep. I was happy to get back on the road. But I really could have skipped that little episode. I have enough stress in my life without car issues too. Thanks.

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