Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Further addition to the cancer hall of shame

These stories just irk the crap out of me - people faking cancer to get money or sympathy. The latest is a now-former beauty queen from Pennsylvania who told everyone she had CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) in 2013. But the police didn't buy it. She couldn't remember her doctor's name. Nor did she lose her hair. Now she spent the night in jail and is facing felony charges.

Nothing less than what she deserved as far as I am concerned. Fines and more jail would help as well.

I really do not understand this. People who fake diseases for sympathy? They remind me of the fakers who stand at traffic lights with poorly written signs claiming they are vets with disabilities or homeless (even though they look  nicely showered and clean), etc, begging for handouts, then ending their days in a brand new car driving home to their fancy house. There are people who do this and really are poor or disabled but their credibility has been destroyed by the fakers.

How unfortunate that some people play on the trust of others to use them. Wait that sounds like politics. Or big business. Did I say that?

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