Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bacon of the month club

Walter's sister sent us Bacon of the month club for a Christmas gift. I can't wait for breakfast tomorrow! This is more healthy eating for me! It is something to look forward to. Like finishing chemo and radiation.

Not like the state of my finger and toe nails. They look disgusting and might fall off. This is a fun filled side effect of chemo. Again, fast growing cells, like toe and finger nails, are affected by chemo. Sometimes they fall off. I have heard from people who's nails have fallen off that there is not a new nail growing underneath, like when you smash your toe and the nail turns black and falls off. There is nothing underneath and they take a long time to grow back. My nails are yellow and some have big purple blotches on them. That doesn't look promising. Yucky to say the least. See my toes???? (Face it, in some obscure way you wanted to see yucky toe nails. Its sort of like watching a train wreck, it is fixating in some weird, sick way. Maybe I'll show a picture of my port next.) Why don't I just get a manicure and pedicure and hide these from the world? Well, I can't until I am done with chemo. Its back to the same thing, blood counts are low so susceptible to infection, etc. I hope my nails survive so that I have something to get manicured and pedicured at some point!

In addition the ever present nausea is just that - ever present. It seems manageable without taking drugs. The drugs give me blurry vision and make me tired. I dont have a pill to fix blurry vision. Caffeine solves the tired issues. Why can't there be a pill to fix my nails?

Let's see yesterday I continued my quest for a boring life. I met a friend for a walk, bought Christmas cards, went to the bank, and did laundry. I also watched many hours of TV, with the cat. He seems to think my purpose in life these days is to sleep on my lap while I sit there for many hours. Today I am meeting some friends I haven't seen in a while for brunch and then will probably need a nap but I have hired someone to come over and finish raking our yard. This is the last week for leaf pickup and the oak tree finally decided to drop its leaves. How exciting is my life???

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