Thursday, December 27, 2007

Not that I am keeping count or anything

But 53 doctor visits since my diagnosis. How's that! (I only know how many because I kept a spread sheet of doctor visits and medical expenses so we can deduct it on our taxes. Did you think I went through my calendar and counted them?) I think its a record. I think I should get a frequent visitor pass to the home of the OMWAHs - the Lahey parking garage. I start to have withdrawal when I haven't been there for a while. Its actually been ten days since I was last there - my surgery was at the hospital in Peabody which doesn't have a parking garage.

I've been thinking (scary idea isn't it?) Its been a while since I have been on my little cross country trip. At the last update, I was stuck in a lame-o gas station and trying to get to the beach. Well, now I have had surgery and am still recovering somewhat (a little sore, can't lift at the gym, etc) and feel like my beach vacation is no fun. Kind of like the awesome vacation you plan for a year at a really exotic location that takes two days, three planes and a really scary bus ride to get to and they lose your luggage on your arrival and then you get the stomach flu. By the time your luggage catches up and you recover, its time to pack up and head home. You got one day sitting by the hotel pool in the shade and that was it. Now I have to get ready to start the drive back home.

Next week (I already have three appointments for January 2), I go for a surgery follow up and then start planning radiation. That will be 5 weeks of daily full breast radiation followed by a boost for another 8 days to the area where the tumor was. (That would be basically 6 1/2 weeks of DAILY trips to Lahey.) I do still have to read up on radiation. I don't know much. I do know it can result in fatigue (now there's a change) and big burned patches of skin. I am so excited about this I can't wait - NOT! But that is next week (and next year) so I will worry about it then.

Actually I did already learn the most important thing about radiation. They have a separate parking lot for radiation patients. When you go in, you have to get your parking validated. This validation (unlike at chemo) does not give you free parking. It just saves you from a $10 surcharge if you didn't have a radiation appointment. Then you have to pay for parking. Then you leave. I didn't know this. I thought the validation paid for my parking. The nice security guard helped me. I caused a big line at the little parking lot. I have learned. Validation, pay for parking, then leave. Don't leave out step two. They make these things so confusing. Or is it my chemo brain can't comprehend this?

Today it rained and is supposed to rain/snow later. Just what we need, more snow to shovel. (Oh, but wait, I can't shovel snow this year. In the year of so far record snow, I can't shovel. Darn. I am so upset.) Anyhow, I am going to the gym to walk on the treadmill, unless I can dodge raindrops and walk outside. I will have to see. In addition, I have to think about packing for our trip, meaning where are my insulated boots? I think I am meeting a friend for lunch as well. Too exciting.

Yesterday we went for a big walk and tried to eat healthy. I had a salad for lunch. Dinner was mostly healthy and had lots of vegetables. Five jewelry stores later, I managed to get batteries for two of my five dead watches. Last night, apparently I didn't have big circles under my eyes. They were all black around them from being really tired. Hmmm... Maybe I will consider going to bed early tonight, instead of taking my evening nap in front of the TV.

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