Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am procrastinating

I hope for the last time. Today should be my last chemo. Yippee! All done. However tomorrow I get to go back to Lahey again. The fourth time this week. The 7th time in the last two weeks I think.

The MRI I had on Saturday again showed a suspicious area. My surgeon called but before I could reach him back on the phone I met with the radiation oncologist who told me the results. Basically it is the same thing as the MRI I had last summer so they have to try to biopsy it again. The doctor said to me she doesn't think its cancer based on all the chemo that I have had but they have to check. Also, it is the same place I had a lumpectomy in 1986 so she thinks it is probably scar tissue or something related to that surgery. Last summer, they couldn't even find what was picked up on the MRI when they used an ultrasound so they gave up and said check back in six months. And now we have the exact same things to go through again. The result is I have to go back and have the biopsy tomorrow. But I will worry about that then. Sort of. Maybe a little bit now. Also, until this is resolved, I can get my radiation scheduled. So that is all on hold.

Actually, the real result is I am very crabby. Ask Walter. He says he wasn't crabby yesterday until he got home and ran into my crabbiness. Stress is such a wonderful thing.

Now speaking of chemo, I am running late. We are supposed to leave in 9 minutes. I have not gotten dressed yet or brushed my teeth. (It does not take long to do my hair so I am safe there.) I should get motivated but why ruin my consistency? I have procrastinated on going to the last 15 chemo treatments so why change now????? Shortly Walter will call up from down stairs to remind me of the time and point out we are running late. I will reply by telling him I am almost ready and then start getting dressed. I have found if you run from the parking garage to the chemo wing at Lahey, your blood pressure can be a little high when they check it when you first get there.


Anonymous said...

Last one! Yipeee!

OK - so you probably don't feel that good right now, but it is a great milestone to put behind you.

dga said...

So happy to hear that chemo is over. I'm hoping it didn't take you forever to get home in the snow. At least by now you should know all the back roads, even if Walter doesn't use his GPS.

I sure got sick of the Arlington Heights -> Lahey commute back in 94 (not nearly as sick of it as Kate did). I imagine you must be so tired of it all.

Best of luck with the biopsy. We're thinking of you.

-- Dave

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