Saturday, December 8, 2007

It is possible that crabbiness has passed

I did get lots of sleep last night which can significantly reduce the crabbiness level. However I think Walter will defer his opinion until later in the day. Yesterday I was significantly crabby. I did go for a walk which always helps. I also went to the grocery store. Actually I went to a store I never go to because I always thought it was dirty, yucky, over priced, under stocked, and poorly staffed. Well, I had heard that I could purchase environmentally correct wax paper sandwich bags there and my regular grocery store with the bad self checkouts let me down earlier in the week, I decided to take a chance on the other store. I was pleasantly surprised. I found some good prices, a nice selection, not the widest selection but ample variety, and a clean store. I will probably return. Sometimes assumptions need to be proved wrong.

Like today's assumption that I will have another MRI with false positives causing undue stress. I can keep my assumption and stress about it (and hence be crabby). Or I can assume it will be fine. I am not sure I can lose my assumption (or crabbiness) yet but I am trying.

Anyhow, today I am off for a walk, then we will buy a Christmas tree, and then a trip to Lahey. Well its been 48 hours since I have been there last so it must be time for another visit. They are on a 48 hour interval this week. Something to look forward to - NOT! But then after that we are going to a party. Yes, we will briefly experience a social life. Don't get too excited. I probably will end up staying up too late and being crabby again tomorrow. But we will get out and see people for the first time in months. I do plan on being home by 9pm if possible to preclude as much crabbiness as possible.

On a more positive note, 90% of my Christmas shopping is done. Our Christmas cards are in the works and will be mailed in the next few days. Some decorations are up and the tree will probably be decorated also by early in the week.

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