Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Why do I always choose to go through the self check out line at the same grocery store? Every time I have a problem and have to wait for an employee with an attitude to come help. Why, why, why? I need to learn to either avoid that store or use the regular check outs. Sorry, its just me being stupid.

I got up yesterday and wrote a small grocery list. Then I lost the list so I rewrote it. Then I organized my coupons and left them at home. Then I got to work and realized the one thing I really needed was not on the list so I wrote it in. Then I got to the grocery story and thought I had lost my list and couldn't remember anything else on it but the one important thing. Then the store didn't have two items I needed - baking chocolate and hair ball cat treats (he is making 'the cough' that heralds impending messes). Grrrr....

Anyhow, yesterday's real frustration is communicating with the surgeon's office on my follow up appointment that is supposed to occur in December. I saw the surgeon in early October and he wanted me to have a mammogram and MRI and see him again in December. Its December and the appointment still isn't scheduled. I called last Wednesday, the woman I needed to speak with was out so they said she would call me Thursday. I called Friday, she said she would schedule these and someone would call me back on Friday afternoon. I called yesterday and she said they had to put the order in again and someone would call me back. Someone finally called back with an appointment for the MRI - (in)conveniently scheduled for 415pm on Saturday (we have a party to go to Saturday at 4) - but I still don't have a mammogram or appointment to meet with the doctor. I will call again this morning. Perhaps it is time to be a bit less nice to these people.

Otherwise I went to the gym yesterday, my support group, and work. I made a yummy chicken, black bean and green chilis soup for dinner. It was quite good, if I do say so myself. I am trying to motivate myself to go to the gym again this morning. I have less motivation. It is 19 degrees out which is very demotivating. However I may need to destress after being 'less nice' to the doctor's office. Another way to make us all less patient patients! At least I know when my appointments are this week!

However there is always the chocolate ice cream cure for stress. I now have some waiting for the right time in the freezer.

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