Sunday, December 16, 2007

We are now 'cultured'

We enjoyed the play yesterday but then I was very tired. At Walter's oh so subtle suggestion, I took a nap at 530. I woke up at 9 and put on pajamas and went back to bed. So I got lots of sleep. I didn't sleep late this morning - funny how after 12 hours of sleep your body just doesn't want to sleep any more. I feel better today. Rested in fact. But not rested enough to shovel snow, because its snowing again. I definitely don't feel well enough to shovel snow.

I do feel rested enough to go out to lunch but since the roads aren't plowed, I don't think that's happening. Grrr...

Otherwise, today will be a day for cleaning the house and wrapping some presents. It might stop precipitating later today so I can go to the gym. Then we move on to plan B - Netflix.

PS The alleged big circles under my eyes are gone as well.

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