Friday, December 14, 2007

OMWAHs again!

So we are attempting to leave Lahey's parking garage yesterday. There are three lanes, one on the left to pay as you exit and two on the right for prepaid people. There was a big pick up truck who was in the right lane but needed to get in to the left lane so he could pay as he left. Then a second pick up truck tried to do the same thing and asked if he could cut in front of us. We really wanted to leave and asked if he could wait and he would have more room once we pulled through. Well the lady in the middle lane was sick of waiting and made him go in front of us. He was nice enough to pay for our parking. But our parking was validated so we didn't need his contribution. I will use it to pay for today's parking. So an OMWAH who was polite with a conscience! And he wasn't on his cell phone. He just couldn't read all the signs in the parking garage.

I never did nap yesterday but it seems my crabbiness level has evened out. We shall see how that goes. At least no more chemo! The nurses say it should take about 2 weeks for most of the drugs to get out of my system and I start to feel normal - will the stupid side effects go away by then too???? They wouldn't confirm. The numbness and tingling in my hands and feet could take a long time or never go away but thats fairly minor. I really am more concerned about fingernails, nausea, hair, heart burn, mouth sores, etc.

Well today's Lahey mystery is I have two procedures scheduled. Don't really know what they are - I think one is an ultrasound guided biopsy but not sure on the other - probably something similar. Well, I will know soon enough this afternoon. I know I will have a most exciting time while I am there. Those lovely little gowns they give you never quite seem to cover enough body parts and then they want to examine you so you might as well be naked half the time. I think more doctors and technicians have seen my surgically scarred body at this point....

Anyhow, off to the gym this morning to relieve some stress. Yesterday I never made it for my walk but supervised Walter's use of the snow blower and used the shovel a little bit. I just need to move a little snow around my car so it will melt today. I can handle that. We probably have 10" out there (will take a ruler out later) but Walter shoveled once in the middle of the storm and again just as it was ending after the plow went by so we are in pretty good shape.

Silly me, I also have to go to the grocery store today. Yesterday was a snow storm and another storm is due tomorrow night so I am sure it will be mobbed as people really do panic they might run out of food. Don't these people keep cans of soup around to eat when they can't get to the store?

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