Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A test without a result

So yesterday was my long awaited, well not that long but it felt that way, EMG on my right arm to tell me what is wrong with it. The test is not what we call fun. First they take little metal things and tape them to your arm. Then they start zapping you to see how the nerves react. Sometimes they zap you ten times in a row in the same place. Then if that isn't fun enough a doctor comes in and does it again with needles to test your muscles. And they put all sorts of little dots on your arm with a sharpie pen.

Then they gave me the results. NORMAL. I am not normal by any stretch so I don't know how they got to that one. But this means that I do not have carpal tunnel or ulnar tunnel (in your elbow) issues. I do have tennis elbow still. I still have tingling in my arm and hands.

The tech who did the first half of the test said that arthritis could be a cause for this as well as the tingling I get in my lower left leg. This is not the first time that the arthritis word has been said. The doctor who did the second half of the test said there could be lots of reasons for tingling - lots of reasons is not helpful.

This is frustrating in that I wanted an answer to what is wrong with me. For once.

After leaving I called my primary care doctor to find out if she wants to see me or just talk to me about these results. I assume I'll get a call in the next day or two but still I have no answers. Grrr.

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