Thursday, July 26, 2012

The FDA isn't always the bad guy.

We like to think of all the alphabet government agencies as the bad guys. They are the big brother that is overlooking everything we do, think, eat, wear, breathe, etc. But maybe this time the FDA is not the bad guy.

There is a massive problem with shortages of oncology and anesthesiology drugs in the US. Most of them are related to manufacturing problems when they are shut down for failed FDA inspections. Others have tried to claim that the FDA doesn't concern themselves with potential shortages when they cite manufacturers but that is not the case. The FDA tries to work with the manufacturers to prevent shortages and tries to get substitute drugs that are manufactured to US specifications overseas.

So where does the problem lie? In an aging manufacturing infrastructure. Hmmm.... so the same people that charge upwards of $10K per dose cant keep their manufacturing facilities up to par? I fail to sympathize here. They are supposed to be saving lives not killing people with defective drugs.

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