Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Looking for my oomph

I seem to have lost my oomph these days,. I have no idea when I lost it but it is clearly missing. If I attempt to be a normal person I end up paying the price - in pain and exhausted.

Yesterday I went with my brother and his two younger kids to the Museum of Science in Boston and then we went to the beach and walked all over both places. I knew I was running out of oomph walking on the beach but I was a long way down the beach and had to walk back. Then my family came over for dinner.  Then I went to bed early.

The day before we went to Maine for my uncle's funeral. I drove a round trip of 240 miles. And we went to the service, the grave side service and then the reception and then my parent's for dinner of take out pizza.

Today I have no oomph. It cannot be found. It is almost lunch time and I am just getting to my blog. Usually I am on it first thing in the morning. But I made bacon and waffles for everyone. My husband suggested taking me out for lunch, but I am too tired. I don't know that I will go anywhere today at all. Even may stay home for dinner.

I would like to find my oomph by tomorrow so I can go sailing. But that may not happen either. My oomph may not return for a few more days. Grr.

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