Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Olympics

In the midst of the 2012 London Olympics here is my version. The opening ceremony was on too late at night. I did not want to spend 5 hours in front of the television watching it until midnight. It would also interfere with my regular TV viewing. So I took the easy way out and DVR'd the opening ceremonies that were aired about 2 am.

Saturday morning we went to watch the history-of-England-set-in-Bag-End-with-deatheaters-highlighted-by-Mr-Bean-and-Paul-McCartney misery. I was really looking forward to the parade of teams coming into the stadium but it was trimmed from Bosnia to Uruguay or so with all the other countries cut out. Wah! I could have skipped the Harry Potter visits Bilbo Baggins and watched the other countries. I should have recorded the other version.

Then began the men's swimming and water polo where very fit healthy people accomplish feats that I couldn't do when I was healthy in Speedos. I convinced my husband to watch the Olympics when the women's beach volley ball came on proving his California background by commentating for me. Yesterday I skipped most of it (so I could go to the beach) and caught up with the morning news. I will watch tonight to get the women's gymnastics teams. Don't laugh but I wouldn't mind seeing the synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics at some point.You never see them anywhere else.

I admit I am looking forward to the end of the Olympics all ready. I wouldn't mind seeing some more but they go on for more than two weeks. I just admire the athleticism on all their part.

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