Sunday, July 22, 2012

This is not something to argue about

A little girl in Ohio is being given a trip to Disney by the Make A Wish Foundation. Her mother and grandmother would go with her except her father doesn't want her to go. He thinks that since she is now on once a month doctor visits and through treatment for leukemia the Make A Wish Foundation should save the money and use it for a terminally ill child and he will pay to take his daughter to Disney later when she is older and will remember it.

Please, let's not argue over this. He does not understand that even though his daughter is technically considered 'cured' and can expect a relatively  normal life, she will never be normal in the sense that she will live the life of someone with a cancer diagnosis behind them. The constant worries of will it come back, will there be life long side effects from treatments, and never receiving normal medical care - always on that special list of 'because you had cancer, we need to be sure...'.

The trip to Disney isn't just for her, its for her caregivers - mother and grandmother - as well. Its a opportunity to resume some sense of normalcy in their lives with a family vacation.

The Make a Wish Foundation does not discriminate between children who have or had a life threatening disease. Its not just for terminally ill patients so they support the trip.

Lets not argue about this and let them go on their trip.

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