Monday, July 2, 2012

Moving on from cancer

I have noticed in recent months, make that years, that I blog less and less about cancer and my medical adventures and more about cancer and research and treatments (and other people's stupidity). Its not that cancer is less important in my life but that it stresses me less. I do have impending doctor appointments that make me cringe. Who was it who said that going to the oncologist is like visiting your parole officer, you never know when they are going to yank you back into some kind of hellish prison?

I only visit an oncologist four or five times a year. My radiation oncologist and my medical oncologist like to see me twice a year. My surgeon's office likes to see me once a year and will be in charge of my mammograms for life. My endocrinologist likes to seem me twice a year. That is like visiting an oncologist because she is there for thyroid cancer. So I guess I was wrong 2+2+1+2=7.

They like to have their visits nicely spaced out as well. This spring I was a bad patient and saw my medical oncologist and my radiation oncologist on the same day. One appointment was rescheduled a few weeks after it should have taken place and another one I moved up a few weeks because I wasn't available when it was scheduled. They didn't like that - I got that message. I was just trying to fit them around my schedule. Instead of sticking to theirs. They like to see me every couple of months to check for those pesky cancer cooties in their own way.

In general my cancer stress level is a little lower than previously but its still there. You can't erase two cancers. Stephanie, over at 'Bah to cancer' announced this morning (in England so she is up earlier than me) that she is moving away from cancer defining her life and on to other things. She does phrase things pretty well but then she's a writer. I am not. I am a mere blogger.

Cancer doesn't define me more than it has shaped my life. Will I move too far away from cancer? Probably not.

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