Thursday, July 12, 2012

Medically induced tan lines

Its bad enough when you wear shorts and a tee shirt outside frequently enough that you end up with a farmer's tan. But then when you add in medically induced tan lines you start looking really weird.

I have a lymphedema sleeve for my left arm. I goes down to my wrist. Supposedly you can get sun exposure through it and should wear sunscreen even if you are wearing a sleeve. I don't know what they are thinking. I get a tan line on my wrist.

These days I am wearing a wrist splint for carpal tunnel/tennis elbow on my right arm. I am starting to get funny tan lines on the back of my hand and where it ends just below my elbow.

Finally, I have these wonderful little pain patches that I wear for my back pain. They are about 1.5" x 1.5" and I have to wear them on the corner of my chest near my collarbone, on the back of my shoulder, on the outside of my shoulder, or on the side of my chest. I have to rotate them each week and cant repeat the same place for three weeks. And I can't wear them on my left side because of lymphedema so I am kind of stuck rotating through the four spots on my right side. And you really can't pick one up and move it around during the week.

This is beach season and I am out in the sun. I went to the beach last week with my patch on the back of my shoulder. I think I have a tan line. This week it is on the front of my shoulder and I might go to the beach again this weekend. That might mean more tan lines. I am starting to look like a weird zebra or something or that I am developing a skin condition.

Back when I was a healthy person, I was only worried about farmer tans.

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