Thursday, July 5, 2012

Did cancer make me paranoid?

I actually started this blog post over a year ago and in an effort to clear out unposted posts, I am finally finishing this one. Apparently I am still concerned that cancer made me paranoid. Am I always assuming the worst with every medical issue? Yes, I do. Its not just a sprained ankle, its a life long problem ankle that refuses to get better. It doesn't help that I keep respraining it.

But did two cancer diagnoses always make me assume the worst from my doctor appointments? Sometimes yes. Its called welcome to the 'its-not-a-headache-its-a-brain-tumor' world.

A cancer diagnosis makes you overly concerned over every little ailment. Especially the ones where your doctor looks at it and says 'hmmm.... this is very unusual'. I dont really have any of those right now. But I do have the ones where my doctor says 'let me talk to your oncologist and get back to you on that' and 'lets wait a month and see how things are going'. But I don't think I'm overly paranoid, may be just a tiny bit.

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