Sunday, July 8, 2012

Technology is winning

I am doomed. Yesterday I was 'working' away on my laptop (while catching up on my Lifetime movies - it is really weird to watch a Lifetime movie about a serial killer and realize they have the same sheet set as we do) when my internet connection died. I summoned up all my tech skills (I did used to back up our IT manager when he was on vacation so I am not (that much of) an idiot about these things). I did all the things I should - checked the other computers, ran anti virus, rebooted modems and routers, checked plugs, call the Internet provider, and finally figured out the router died. It was seven years old and came with a 1 year warranty and probably cost $30 so I guess I got my money's worth.
I had to live with no internet. I mean I can check messages on my phone. I can read books on my nook. But I can't work and keep up with Lifetime movies simultaneously. The world has come to an end. I had to mostly unplug myself.
I can't check email in bed and write my blog. I have to suffer with my husband's computer which is DOWNSTAIRS. It means I can't sit in bed and be comfy while blogging. I am SUFFERING I tell you. His computer keyboard has all the important - non letter keys - in the wrong places. This makes it very difficult to type.
Staples opens at 10. I will go to the gym first thing and then go to get a new camera battery at 10 and then go to Staples for the newest, cheapest, top of the line router. Then I will put on my technical beanie with a propeller - (just kidding about the propeller) and install a new router. The reviews claim it is easy to install. I think that means I can get it done in a few hours. My husband is not a candidate to assist with this. I am our techie here. I will suck it up and then start swearing later if it doesn't work.
I think us cancer people should get free tech support anytime we want. Grr.

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Anonymous said...

I hope the new router is working by now. I do have free tech support - I married him. And he loves nothing better than to go out and buy something I "need" to solve any of my technology problems.

Lois K

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