Monday, July 16, 2012

Years of work to get to the state I am in

I have worked very hard for many years to get my body into the shape that it is in. Its taken many years of sports - ice skating, skiing (alpine and nordic), snow shoeing, biking, hiking, roller blading, and more - to get to this finely honed 'state'. I get aches and pains all over but now its mostly in my hips.

These days my biggest problem is that I have bursitis in my hips. I have had it in my left hip for about five years. Now I have signs of it in my right hip. What can you do for bursitis? Anti-inflammatories - which I take daily. Ice - which I use regularly. And rest - which I also parttake of. I am happy to sit around and be lazy. I also have had multiple cortisone injections.

And it still hurts. But I (suck it up and) go to the gym and attempt to exercise regularly (because that prevents cancer and all sorts of other good things). It does limit me to three times a week at the gym.  I can't work out without a day off in between. If I do, I end up in a lot more pain.

What is bursitis? It is inflammation of the bursar which are little sacs located in major joints - like your hips. It is caused primarily by over use I think. Sort of what I have done to my knees and ankles as well.

So to round out the back pain which is exacerbated if I attempt to stand up for more than ten minutes at a time, my hips then hurt if I sit in the wrong position, or any position some days. I have to sleep with a pillow behind my knees so they don't pull on my back. I take my pain pills, my pain patch, and ice pack in hand, I am ready to go.

I can say I had a lot of fun getting my body into this state.

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Cindy Vine said...

Caroline that doesn't sound fun! Joint pains are the worst! I had a knee op a few months after my mastectomy so I sympathise.

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