Saturday, July 28, 2012

My incompetence has reached new levels

I am a mental midget sometimes and I am very aware of this. I know I am incapable of somethings without assistance. There are many things actually - parallel parking, dealing with crawly things, opening new bottles, reaching tall things, understanding the things under the hood of the car, and the list goes on. The biggest one on the list is taking my pills properly. Yep, I have counting and memory problems.

I clearly can claim chemo brain but that is only good for the past 4.5 years of my life. Prior to that I took my thyroid medication daily for 2.5 decades. I started having those little conversations daily with myself - 'did I take my damn pill?' I was probably 80% accurate at that point. Then I discovered the joys of the daily pill box where I could combine all my pills into little daily segments easily compartmentalized. Then I was told I could not take my thyroid pill within three or four hours of my calcium pills and it had to be taken 1 hour before eating. Then things started to get complicated.

I started adding more pills - more vitamins, take calcium three times daily, take some pills at night and some in the morning an hour after taking my thyroid pill. This has varied over the years. I had two pill boxes for a while. One for morning and late morning and one for evening. My current configuration is one pill box with two little pills to take inthe morning and then take the rest sometime between dinner and bed.

This system works well if I sit down on Saturday afternoon surround by four prescription bottles and five vitamin bottles and one OTC medication plus my husbands additional prescription and extra vitamin. If I do not sit down on Saturday I have to do it all when I am groggy on Sunday morning so I prefer the Saturday option.

Last Saturday I forgot. Damn. Sunday morning I realized this upon waking up. I grabbed my two prescription bottles that I needed to take. I know I took one but can't remember if I took both. Oops. Wednesday morning I realized I forgot to take Tuesday night's pills. That happens. I have lived through that. Friday morning I realized I was some how on Saturday pills. Friday's compartment was empty. I have no idea. I must have taken a double dose - including the morning pills for Friday at the wrong time.

Now it is Saturday morning and I just took my two prescriptions out of their bottles because I took Saturday's on Friday. But I still have pills to take  tonight. I meant to take Tuesday's pills last night but forgot. So I am a day behind on some, a day ahead on others, and maybe equal on one. But I didn't kill myself (so far) by messing these up. I did have a day this week where I was incredibly sleepy so maybe that is when I double dosed my self. One of them has sleepiness as a side effect. If I miss a day on all of them its okay. Double doses are not a good idea but okay. But if I double dosed and then forgot I am even.

So maybe we will had management of prescriptions and other medications to the category of things where I am incompetent.

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