Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Being social can help breast cancer outcomes

So even if you feel like crap from chemo and want nothing but to sit  in a corner and stare vacantly out the window, be social. A new study (because all those researchers need to keep busy) recently found that women with breast cancer who are social - have better social and community ties - have better outcomes and handle the disease and side effects better.

What did I do at my diagnosis? I started a blog, then joined two in person support groups, joined Twitter, then cancer message boards, then Crazy Sexy Cancer, then Facebook, then so many other online communities I can no longer remember them, never mind keep up with them.

I started meeting other breast cancer people in person through my support group and other activities. I made lots of cancer friends who are now not just cancer friends.

There were many days when I was happy to sit in a corner and stare vacantly out the window but I think I did okay.

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