Monday, May 13, 2013

Words from an oncologist

A few months ago, an oncologist wrote a "Letter To A Young Smoker From An Oncologist". I found it very touching and meant to blog about it at the time - but chemo brain made me forget. It is a great article to share with someone who smokes and knows they shouldn't. Maybe it will help them quit.

Then the other day I found a sequel to the first letter entitled "This Is My Last Day On Earth" also written by the same oncologist, Dr. Craig Hildreth, MD. This is written from the patients point of view on dying of cancer and the issues that supported them and what they fought to the end.

The patient writes special notes to:
  • The oncologist with thanks for the compassion and caring
  • The insurnace company with outrage for refusing medicaiton
  • The nurses for their care
  • The loved ones with regrets
  • And finally to himself.

I hope there are lessons here for all.

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