Sunday, May 12, 2013

Komen-diculousity of course!

Today, MLB has decided to allow players to wear and use pink items to promote breast cancer awareness. I am not a big fan of sports teams wearing pink at all. But this one drives me crazy.

There are pink bats made by Louisville Slugger, and hats and gloves and pads and all sorts of things so the manly guys who play baseball can be pinkified for a day. After the day, the pink items will be raffled off with the benefits going to charity.

Not that this is bad enough but Nick Markakis of the Baltimore Orioles and Trevor Plouffe of the Minnesota Twins had special bats made by MaxBat because their mothers had breast cancer. These bats are back with a pink logo of the manufacturer. They made this special effort but can't use the bats.

The rules about this are a bit fussy

"Spokesmen for both MLB and Louisville Slugger said players are allowed to use pink bats or partially pink bats by any manufacturer on Sunday so long as that company donated to the Komen fund. There also is another stipulation.

According to an MLB-wide memo that went out to all teams on April 3, the non-Louisville bats could not include “ribbons, corporate logos, distinguishing marks or names of charities.” So Markakis’ bat, for instance, would be permissible if it did not have the MaxBat logo in pink. If the label was pink but did not include a rival company’s name, it would be fine for Sunday."

So the secret is out: Komen spun their spidery web around Major League Baseball and are getting all this money and not allowing people to do what they want. They want it all.

Ridiculous is the only word!

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AnneMarie said...

This pisses me OFF... And the bullying continues.... ARGGGG

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