Friday, May 10, 2013

Its been one of those weeks

I feel I have been somewhat introverted this week and pulling back a bit. I'm not sure why. I am doing okay. I have a fair amount of back pain these days and have moved up my appointment so that I can get some relief sooner as opposed to later. I have plenty of other aches and pains to boot.

I have been tired all week. I have been sleeping fairly well. But have frequently felt the need to nap. 

I did  have my annual mammogram this week which was a tiny bit stressful. Next year I will remember: If I feel something its nothing, if they find something its a problem. I felt something which turned out to be plain old body fat (of which I have plenty). But it allowed me to stress out for an hour or so.

I did purchase a new handbag last weekend for which I have received numerous compliments this week. I really like it and wanted a new purse and was just starting to look and found a Gucci bag at a yard sale for $5. I am not kidding. The previous owner bought it at Macy's and used it maybe two or three times and decided she didn't like it. Well now its mine and everyone seems to like it. So I guess that is good news.

My husband and I had an important conversation on an upcoming hotel reservation - refund for overpayment or upgrade to a suite? We opted for the suite provided it comes with a balcony. More on that later.

Today we have to clean for the cleaning lady. An arduous task but one that results in an amazingly clean house. I will suck it up with my aches and pains and take a pill and just push on through it.

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Teresa Saum said...

I can relate to all of it...need for naps, euphoria over a good deal at a garage sale, and cleaning for the cleaning lady. It's a big old goofy world.

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