Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday morning and I need a nap

Last night I went to bed pretty early to get ready for a Monday where I actually have to go to work. I did wake up around 330 and wasn't sure I would get back to sleep. Then I was informed by my husband that I slept through the alarm and the snooze alarm. I guess I was tired. I need a nap.

But its not to be. I will go to work and then meet a friend for a walk (I hope). I'll go to bed  early tonight to make up for it.

I have been a big fan of four day weekends recently and find I barely make it through a 3 day work /18 hour work week. Today I have to go to work because of my doctor appointments on Wednesday and I have plans for Friday. If I have to change my work schedule, I usually opt for the Friday option instead of the Monday option.

There will be a sales meeting at work today which means the people who work remotely will be in so it will be a bit chaotic. However it does guarantee I can get take out for lunch. Nothing we have at home appeals to me right now.

My husband selected turkey baloney for his lunch choice this week. I think it is slimy and disgusting. His rationale is that he has had turkey just about everything else so what is wrong with baloney? Ick. Its all his, I don't believe I'll be sharing any of that with him.

But I think I am done procrastinating and need to hit the road. After I brush my teeth.See? I can procrastinate with the best of them.

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Cansirboi said...

I understand how you are feeling today...I am feeling a bit tired/lethargic this morning and I also went to bed relatively early.

Hope you survive your day!

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