Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The post cancer life

Life after a cancer diagnosis is never the same as before. They (this is the proverbial them) tell you that you will reach a new normal - whatever that is.

Some people turn their diagnosis into a turning point in their life where they start eating organic food, take better care of themselves, and appreciate the little things in life.

I can say that while I used to exercise regularly. Now I even belong to a gym - it maybe one for dilapidated people - but I even go to it three times a week. And attempt to go for a walk one time a week. I am pretty sure I reach the minimum suggested exercise requirements. I am also attempting personal deflabbification but that seems to have worked not quite as well - I'm going to have to have a conversation with the bathroom scale sooner or later.

I did find an article recently that a study was done (because we need another study) that only 10% of women post breast cancer treatment are getting enough exercise. This is compared to 39% prior to cancer diagnosis and treatment. Doesn't this sound kind of backwards?

There are many average people you hear about that after cancer they turned their life around and got in shape for the first time. But evidently its not as many as we might think. Do the women take their cancer diagnosis as a reason to give up? It should be just the opposite.

I'm not perfect by any stretch but I do exercise.

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I am one of those women - I am hoping not to be for too much longer, but I seem to be plagued by aches and pains since my treatment ended (not helpedby letrozole) which is making exercise virtually impossible. Fortunately I have only put back on 9lbs of the 30 i lost before my diagnosis 10 months ago, butone of the side effects of letrozole is weight gain... Hey ho!

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