Friday, May 24, 2013

Living with pain

Every day my morning starts with 'ouch', 'ow', 'owie', and more. And my husband looks at me and says are  you sure you are are okay for whatever my day is planned. I say yes and suck it up. And maybe take a pain pill.

Yes, that's my life. I don't ask for pity. I cope. I take steps to work on my pain.

I have upped my arthritis medication and go back to my rheumatologist in July. I also have a 'procedure' (which involves sedation and lots of needles) on at the end of June which will alleviate a lot of back pain. I see my primary care (well her nurse practitioner becuase she will be on maternity leave) also in June where I will talk about my hand pain from the stupid (untreatable) ganglion cyst and my knees' general lack of cooperation with my desire to live a pain free life.

All those fancy pain medications you see advertised won't help me much. I have already tried the fancy ones for fibromyalgia and they haven't done much for me. And the other fancy medications, the biologics, for rheumatoid I can't take because of my cancer history, blah, blah, blah.

I am being honest here. I usually am honest in my blog but sometimes I elusively play with the truth and am not as open about some topics. What I do is I withhold the truth until I want to talk about things.

I mean living with pain is not like living with cancer or anything but it does kind of suck in a way. I do get all the good drugs.

But as I said before I am not asking for pity. And if I anyone says 'I'm sorry' to me about this post, I'll be sure to smack you silly next time I see you.

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Meg said...

Not sorry for any of your posts! You tell us how it is.And you are dealing with a lot.please keep on trucking! And writing. I don't comment often but I read your blog everyday.

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